Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shiloh Book Review

Today is Thursday, October 24, 2013.We Have just completed our second novel,Shiloh.The Protagonist in the book is Marty. A protagonist is the main character of the book.          
An antagonist is the character who fights against the problem.The main conflict in the story is when        Shiloh followes Marty,Shiloh really belongs to Judd.The resolution of Shiloh was when Marty tells Judd that Shiloh is really Judd's dog and Judd let's Marty keep Shiloh.My favorite part of Shiloh was when Judd lets Marty keep Shiloh.My least second favorite part of Shiloh was when Judd gives Marty a dog collar.If I could be any of the character in the book I would be Dara Lynn Because she is scared of snakes and is a diva.I would recommend this book to another student because it is very funny and a great novel.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Here's the scoop.

Today is October 4, has Been a long week.I did ok on my states test.I will start working on my capitals/states.The one thing I find difficult when learning about states is capitals.In math we have been working on iTunes U with Ms.Ellis in math.I really love it.The most interesting thing working with iTunes U is really fun.We started a new novel called Shiloh.It Is about a dog name shiloh and the dog followers Marty.

The one thing I like so far about the novel is that I love Marty because he is helpful.The one thing I didn't like was when Judd tries to take Shiloh back. One character trait that describes the main character Marty is he is love able,caring and sweet.October is breast cancer awareness mouth.Three important facts about it are breast cancer is cancer that starts in tissues of the breast.One in eight women be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Today I'm going to tell you about the novel we have read. Maniac is the main character he is smart. Maniac Ran away from the beals house  and then he came back.1.Maniac had a home and played baseball.2.Maniac likes buffalos.3. Maniac likes baseball.4.Maniac Likes the weta end.
2.Maniac parents got killed.3.Maniac tired to go to the east side.4.Maniac met Amanda.5.Maniac untied cobbles knot.Yes,Never take a bite of anyone's candy bar.Maniac reminded me on my sister for getting smart mouth than got slap.1.helpful2..thoughful5.Athleted.In the book I would have changed the last part about when Grayson died because I wanted to no a little bit more.Ithink maniac would like the iPads if he was in my class room because it's very helpful and easy to get more done.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Walker's 5th Grade Wonders

When i found out Mrs.Walker was my teacher I was so excited.The one thing that I enjoy about 5th grade is we do blogs.The hardest thing about 5th grade is the work gets harder every time. I expect to learn all my multiplication  facts.I wouldn't change anything because everything is fine the way it is.I am very nice to others that's why it describe's me.God is the important person in my life because he died on the cross for us. I would be kind by helping my class mates with there work.

Here's The scoop For Room 12.

Today is another Hot day in room 12.Its Wednesday, September 11, 2013.The temperature says it is 84% right now.The hardest part about being in school when it's hot it's we don't have air conditioner.This week we will be taking two district tests in reading and math.I think I did Wonderful.We have been reading Maniac Magee. The best part of the book so far is  When Maniac gets Adopted by Mrs.Beale,I really didn't like it when Grayson died.We have been working on Plot,Character and setting while reading Maniac Magee.
Plot is-the events that take place in the story.
Character is-The people in the  story.
Setting is-Where and when the story take place.  We will Be taking a States Test on September 25th. I am sure I will Past and move on to 6th Grade.  Please Like us on Facebook -Walker's 5th Grade Wonders!!!!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Welcome To My Blog.

Hello my name Shania.I'm in the fifth grade at Durfee Technology Magnet School.This year we are a class of bloggers! We will be using this blog to share things going on in our classroom stay tuned!